Ride Times


1.  USEF rules state that all persons MUST wear a mask AT ALL TIMES while on the show grounds except when on horseback.  This means if you are not on a horse you MUST have a face covering on.

2.  Social distancing (maintaining 6 ft from others) is also required, this also applies in the barn area.  Both rules will be policed by management, the TD and staff and anyone not complying will be asked to leave the property.

3.  USEF states that participants are required to self-monitor their temperature once daily prior to entering the competition grounds. Anyone that has a temp of 99.5 F or higher, exhibits COVID 19 symptoms, has tested positive for Covid 19 within the last 7-10 days, or has been in contact with someone who has tested positive with in the last 7-10 days CANNOT ENTER THE GROUNDS.

4. Only authorized people will be allowed in the show office. If your entry is complete your packet will be on a table by the show office door, if you packet is not there you must see me. 

5.  Bathrooms will be cleaned and sanitized multiple times per day.

6. Spectators are not permitted, please only bring essential people to the show with you. If it is at all possible please leave children and pets at home.

Southeast Horse Shows